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pasta for 35- 3 types
Heidi Amelang
I am making Chicken Alfredo, Mostaccioli, and Pasta Pomodoro buffet style, for 35 guests. How much do I make of each?
Mostaciolli- usually baked with cheese, Italian sausage and tomato sauce- the flavor of lasagna without the work of layering the ingredients.

Pasta Pomodoro- fresh tomatoes, light

Chicken Alfredo- fettucine or bowtie pasta-

Are you willing to tweak the menu? With three pastas and only 35 people,, you end up making a lot extra to be sure you don't run out of the favorite on the first go round, since you have to make about 4 pounds dry of each= 12 pounds - with two, the estimate is MUCH simpler and less leftover, as you still only have to make 4 pounds of each= 8 pounds.

What I would do is make the either the mostaciolli OR the pomodoro and then a veggie alfredo, and then a separate chicken dish- maybe cacciatore or chicken marsala- You could do a cacciatore with about 20 pounds of leg quarters- inexpensive and very tasty.

Heidi Amelang
I can't change it. It was requested this way. Thank you so much though!!! It's a huge help.
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