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wedding for 200 people
hey i was wondering how much of everything ill need. for 200 people... im doing chicken pork n hotdogs as meats sides are slaw baked beans tator salad green beans n greens buffet style. also doing appetizers help please
You will need 4 kitchen folk day of and 12-15 servers to set up serve and clean up this size party. All food prepped in advance.

Most of these items are already covered in the tables on this site. It is a DIY site, esp for family and volunteer cooks. If this is a paid gig, do some of the looking up yourself.

chicken- 1 piece per person
pork- what kind? sliced, pulled? sandwiches?
hotdogs- don't do, it's a wedding- do Polish sausage or kielbasa. 1 pound per 5.
Need condiments, see sandwich page.

Need more info.

Appetizers are discussed repeatedly in the many wedding threads. Basically, you need three. Read some, make some estimates, post them and I will be willing to check them for you.

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