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Hello I have a question I am getting married soon and Im tryin to figure out what I wanna have for a buffet syle reception dinner. I want either Italin beef or pot roast and my fiance wants Bbq pulled pork. what sides do you think would go good with these? It is a country style weddding and we are thinking 100-120 people.. Please let me know what you think we are having a hard time choosing thank u
Hi, Jen,
Are you looking to make sandwiches, or plates?
Pot roast would be a better choice with the bbq pork, but chicken pieces of some sort would be a very good choice, also.

Sides depend on the direction of your menu- toward very informal or just casual. Also on your budget, of course.

You also need to tell me what beverages; the time of day; and how long the party will last.

You also need an appetizer table with some punch or beverages, for your guests during that hour while you do pictures.

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