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Graduation party
I'm having a graduation party for my grandaughter for around 80-85 people. I'm getting most of the food from a restaurant/caterer and making some food.this restaurant I can get any amount of any food I want. I'm thinking of getting baked ham for 45 people, rigatoni 70 people, potato salad 65 people,cole slaw 60 people,boneless chicken 35 people, red skin potatoes 60 people.I'm making
meatball sandwiches 25 people, tossed salad ?
Rolls and butter for 65 people. Please advise
me if that is enough food?
Thank you
Get the rolls and butter for all 85. Consider tossed salad for 50 (see the plan for 100 page). Otherwise it looks great.
Joann F.
Im having a graduation party in an air-conditioned hall. How long can I leave the food out? The hot food will be kept hot but how long can the cold food stay out?
Please help me.
Total 4 hours at room temp, including the making time and the serving time. If it is seafood or you want to hold longer, place it in a larger bowl full of ice.

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Need HELP! 150 people

I'm planning to make the food with my sister. I would like to make things simple so we could sill enjoy the day. I would like three entree's, potatoe dish, pasta dish, chips and pretzels. (ages 8 to 75)
Could you help with menu and the amount I would have to purchase.

Sorry, I guess you would need a lot more information. The party is on a friday night from 6 to 10pm. I know everyone will be coming home from work and to the party starving. I know I would like three meats with a potato dish, pasta dish, and fruit salad. Do I plan for 150 people for each meat? Possible dishes I was thinking about were meatballs for sandwiches, chicken fingers, ziti, potato salad or baby red potatoes with parsley. What would you recommend for the third meat baked ham, sausage and peppers or maybe another chicken dish.
Thank you for the extra info.

Would you consider a little menu tweak to simplify your task? What I would do for this size party is one major festive party casserole such as lasagna or the sausage mozzarella bake on this site on the spaghetti page, or the stack enchiladas or baked spaghetti with chicken in the basic budget entrees. Or possible a taco bar?

Then one meat- chicken or ham is fine, depending on what you choose for your casserole.

A big salad. Beans of some kind, depending on the menu. A vegetable of the green bean or broccoli type.

Definite yes on the fruit, but I would do fruit trays (see the fruit tray page) rather than fruit salad; it keeps better, looks better, and the leftovers are more useful.

Beverages, see the beverage planning page. Desserts see the dessert planning page or the ice cream sundae bar.

Having a graduation party.We're having rigatoni,meatball sandwiches,potato salad, pasta salad, parsley potatoes, tossed salad, rolls & butter & boneless chicken fillets. Can we also have baked chicken(but it has bones in it)?? I know some people won't eat fried food.
Please help me out!!
You don't say how many people.

meatball sandwiches, 4 inches per person
boneless filets, 4 ounces per person
baked chicken a piece per person (8-9 per chicken)

potato salad, 4 gallons per 100
pasta salad, 4 pounds dry per 100
parsley potatoes, 40 pounds per 100

tossed salad, use the plan for 100 table

rolls & butter 10 pounds bread/rolls, 2-3 pounds butter per 100 because you also have the sandwiches

Party is for 100 people.Serving food from 5 to 7 PM.Is it okay to just having boneless chicken
& meatball sandwiches with rigatoni and all the other sides?
Potato salad
Pasta salad
Parsley Potatoes
Tossed salad
Rolls & butter

Thank you for your help

Yes, just increase the boneless chicken to 1 pound raw weight per 3 or 1 pound pre-fried per 2-3.
Having a graduation part for 55 people. Starts at 4 pm. Planning the following:
- spinach dip
- chili dip
- cheese and salami and crackers
- chips & pretzels
- pulled pork
- chicken tenders
- potato salad
-mac & cheese
-veggie tray
-fruit tray
Could you help with quantities needed? Thank you!!
Sorry - wanted to add a bit more information. I am buying the pulled pork (sauce on the side), mac & cheese and chicken tenders from a restaurant. So for pulled pork need lbs to buy, for mac & cheese need gallons/quarts, for tenders need the number.

Thanks again!!

Consider doing one gallon of really good slaw and 1 1/2 gallons of a nice interesting salad (fruit/nut, Asian, etc) instead of the veggie tray. Way more popular and suits your menu. wll work up your amounts in the next two days.
OK 55 people

- spinach dip, 3 quarts
- chili dip, 3 quarts
- cheese, 5 pounds, some can be logs or spreads
and salami, 3-4 pounds thin sliced dry salami
and crackers, 4 pounds
- chips, 3 pounds, 4 if corn
pretzels, 1-2 pounds
- pulled pork, I suggest slider rolls, as this lets people have pork and chicken (which they tend to do) without wasting large sandwiches. 1 pound makes 12 sliders. about 7 pounds.
Do have 3 pounds of sliced onions and 2 quarts sliced pickles
- chicken tenders, if large (2 makes a serving), about 80, if smaller (hree to four makes a serving),about 100
- potato salad, 6-7 quarts
-mac & cheese, 5 9x13 pans, about 8 quarts
-veggie tray, salads better, bu you can use the veggie tray page for this. Ranch dip. If mature eaters, they might appreciate the classic relish tray with olives and pickles.
-fruit tray, twice the tray for 25 plus some extra berries or melon, or 1/2 the deluxe tray for 100. You can save a LOT of money if you do his yourself, see the fruit tray page.

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