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sweet sixteen party for 100
dana wright
Im planning my daughters sweet sixteen and im making food for about a100 people. so i need to know how much to buy. for example im making penne in voka sauce, rice, pork shoulder, ham tossed salad, marsala chicken, suasages and peppers, meat balls, cold cut platters, potatoe salad, rosted veggies, and fruit salad.
Hi, Dana,

This is more dishes than I would do for a party of this type and size.

penne in vodka sauce, 8-10 pounds dry, 1 quart sauce per pound
rice, about 6 pounds dry

potato salad, 3-4 gallons
roasted veggies, about 25 pounds ready to cook

fruit salad, fruit trays are simpler, easier, and the leftovers are more usable. See the fruit tray page for amounts.

pork shoulder, roast? 1 pound bone in per 3
marsala chicken, 1 piece per person, 1 pound raw per 4
sausages and peppers, meat balls, do just one of these. 1 pound meat per 5.

ham tossed salad, do meatless, you have non-meat eaters in the crowd
cold cut platters, skip, unless you skip another of the entrees above.

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