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Quantity for Pasta e Fagioli
Hi Ellen,
Need to make dinner for 50 teenagers. Cook and home and transport to school. (Already feel the dread seeping up my limbs....) Planning to make Pasta e Fagioli (kind of a thick pasta/ bean/ tomato/ ground beef soup) with a recipe which allegedly serves 8 & which I would multiply. Also need to make a vegetarian version.

My question: roughly how many gallons of soup feeds 50? Want to make sure I have enough of the right size pots. I borrowed 2 three gallon pots, plus have two smaller Dutch ovens. Is that enough?

Basically: how many people will three gallons of soup serve? Will serve rolls as well.

Thank you!

Hi, Katie,

This is probably not what I would make for teens.

If you are wedded to the idea of soup, you will notice that minestrone-style soups are not the first choice of teens. in your situation, I would make one electric roaster full of my beefy vegetable soup or chili, and a large potfull (about 2- 2 1/2 gallons) of broccoli-cheese or loaded baked potato. They eat more than grown ups.

Plan on at least 2 large crusty rolls each and at least 2 pounds of butter.

Strongly suggest you add fruit trays, also maybe baked potato bar or chips and dip.

Thank you so much for your suggestions - I really appreciate your help. How many gallons does an electric roaster hold?
Ellen, oh, I see the answer at the top of the beefy vegetable soup recipe - so no need to reply. Again, thank you very much.
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