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baby shower for 64
I am hosting a baby shower for our niece and have seating for 64 so that is what I am planning for to feed. We will only probably only have 40-50.
I am serving:
lil smokies in bbq sauce
baked beans
chicken salad & ham salad sandwich halves (crust removed)
2 flavors of chips
pepperoni and summer sausage tray
colby and montery cheese cubes
cheese ball
vegetable tray
fruit salad
potato salad
macaroni salad
sweet jerkins.
Will have punch, soda, iced tea, coffee and water.
Please help, I would like to have too much over not enough. You can email me the answer as well as posting it. I don't always get notifications from sites I post on, so please send a copy of the answer to my email.
and I need to know how much potatoes, pasta, chicken, ham, pepperoni, summer sausage, cheese cubes, baked beans, lil smokes with sauce I will be needing to make everything. Please and Thank You.
I would think of this as just over half the amount for 100

lil smokies in bbq sauce- 1 pound per 6, 1 quart sauce per 2 pounds
baked beans 2 gallons

chicken salad & ham salad sandwich halves (crust removed)- 1 sandwich per person, about 2/3 chicken and 1/3 ham., So, 40 chicken, 20 ham.

pepperoni and summer sausage tray- 1 ounce per person

colby and monterey cheese cubes- 1 ounce per person
cheese ball- 1 ounce per person, 3 pounds crackers

vegetable tray
sweet jerkins
Suggest you do one classic relish tray from the top of the veggie tray page

fruit salad- I would do fruit trays, keep better, prettier, and leftovers are more edible. Do for 50, see fruit tray page.

potato salad
macaroni salad
Just one would be sufficient- 3 gallons total,

2 flavors of chips- 1 pound per 12

Will have punch, soda, iced tea, coffee and water. Can use the dinner level coffee and 5 gallons punch, about 5 gallons tea, 2 unsweet. Some left.

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