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continental breakfast for 135 people
I need help with amounts. Im in charge of putting together a continental breakfast for 135 people for a conference. Would like to have bagels with cream cheese, donuts, cut up fruit and cheese. Coffee, tea and juice. need help with how much for each person and other food ideas.
Take a look at the breakfast planning page. Beverages are covered on the beverage planning page.

bagels with cream cheese, 1/2 large or 1 small bagel per person, 1 ounce cream cheese per person,
donuts, 1 per person
cut up fruit- use the fruit tray page
cheese, 1 ounce per person

For this size group, I would have 2 dozen hard boiled eggs and 50-60 low fat fruit yogurt cups

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I am serving a continental breakfast at camp. We have some leftovers to use up and I need to add to it to have enough to feed 125 (60 adults, 65 girls ages 6-15).

Current Inventory:
58 Bagels
48 "to bake" Cinnamon Rolls
100 banana muffins (mix to make)
2 lb. bag honey nut cheerios
46 individual cereals (non-sweet)

My plan is to add:
60 bananas (cut in half)
30 oranges (cut into 6 pieces)
58 oz. cream cheese
50 individual jelly
100 individual butter
60 fruit yogurt cups
2 dozen hard boiled eggs
60 individual sweet cereal
4 gallons milk
5 (64 oz) OJ
5 (64 oz.) Apple Juice
2 lb coffee

Is this enough food and variety?

Thanks so much!

Nicely diverse selection. You will have some individual cereals and some bananas left over, and could skip the oranges since you have the juices. Might add a few more jellies if this is a jelly eating crowd.
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