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Dinner for 60 teens
Hi Ellen, I'm needing to make chicken Alfredo using bowties and spaghetti with meat sauce for 60 teens. I'm not sure of the amounts since not everyone would want both items. We will be serving bread sticks and salad with this also. You know teens-they will not touch much salad but will eat every bread stick in sight. This will be buffet style instead of serving them so I know there will be more waste involved.
Can you tell me how much I need to plan to fill up these teens? Thanks!!
Yes they do eat heartily.

It is usual to do 2/3 red/meat and 1/3 alfredo.I would do 1 pound dry pasta per 6, total.

Salad for 50, use the plan for 100 page.

9 pounds bread sticks.

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