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Cook Talk

graduation party for 50 people
Need to know how much to have for the following: pulled pork sandwiches, burgers,hotdogs,coleslaw, pasta salad, cheese tray, fruit tray. Help please!
Cindy, these items are on the lists, use the buttons at the top of the forum, do 1/2 of 100:

coleslaw, pasta salad, cheese tray, fruit tray

Now about the sandwiches:
pulled pork sandwiches, can be made ahead, very easy, 1 pound boneless raw makes 4 sandwiches
burgers,hotdogs,grilling these during the party is inconvenient and expensive. Consider doing either sausage and peppers or meatballs for sandwiches- 2 0unces sausage per sandwich or 3 ounces meatballs- either can be made ahead, and is more economical as well.

Plan on 2 sandwiches per person.

Sandwich toppings/ mayo/ etc. see the sandwich planning page for help with amounts.

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