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wedding reception for 150
christine fralic
Hi Ellen,I already wrote you ,but I will try again,having reception in back yard ( barn,tent) having church ladies prepare the food and serving the food through the evening,but the food will also be laid out so people can help themselves,it will be appetizers such as cheese/fruit/vegetable/seafood/pepperoni and cracker trays.We also will be having hamburg/lobster sliders and a few pasta salads also some warm food such as meatballs,mini eggrolls,is this to much mixture of foods? We will be having an open bar and to large containers with punch/lemonade. The ladies will be preparing the food at the church hall and will be bringing it to our house which is only 2 minutes away,which they will have control of our kitchen to finish preparing food. We are buying all the food ourselves and they are doing the rest,question is how much to buy of these items?Ho forgot we are having a candy bar and a small wedding cake(will serve around 70 people)should we have desserts also? I need some advice for sure. Thank you Christine
Hi, Christine,

Thank you for starting a new thread, I had a timefinding you after my first answer-

appetizers such as
cheese/ 20 pounds including some balls and spreads
fruit/ use the fruit tray page- deluxe tray for 100 would be about right
vegetable/ use the veggie tray page, about 2 ounces veg and 3 tablespoons dressing/dip per person
seafood/ esp. shrimp, 3-4 ounces per person
pepperoni- 2 ounces per person
cracker trays- 1 pound per 12
deviled eggs- 2 whole eggs per 3 persons

hamburg/lobster sliders- people will select lobster about 2 to one. 2-3 per person
pasta salads- 10 pounds dry pasta
meatballs,- 1 pound per 5-6
mini eggrolls, 2-3 per person
chicken skewers 2 ounces per person

punch- avoid red, at least 10 gallons
lemonade- at least 10 gallons- helpful to have at least 2 gallons sugar-free
Liquor- see the beverage planning page

I would add
dinner level coffee, see beverage planning page
chips and dips- 1 pound per 10 chips, 1/4 cup each two dips per person
some kind of veg/green salad- see the salad section of plan for 100, do for 100. Or look at the salads that hold, and do the layered salad or the Greek salad.

candy bar- OK
small wedding cake- need enough cake for everyone- add a grooms cake (opportunity for chocolate) or have "kitchen cakes"- sheet cake in the wedding cake flavor

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