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144 adults and 39 children ages 1 to 10
i want to serve roast beef hoy and fried chicken mashed potatoes and gravy and dressing along with green beans and corn cranberry relish and applesauce toss salad rolls and butter and tea coffee lemonade pop wine and beer and a anniversary cake
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I would count this as 1 2/3 times the amount for 100, or 1 3/4 times if the adults are heavy eaters. This is party level quantities.

roast beef-2 pounds raw boneless per 5
fried chicken- 1 piece per person

mashed potatoes- 40 to 50 pounds raw per 100= about 70 pounds
gravy- 1/3 cup per person
dressing- see the discussion in the holiday shopping and planning article at the top of Big Pots

green beans, 24 pounds per 100= 40 pounds
corn= 40 pounds

cranberry relish= 1 pound per 6. There are some good recipes for cranberry dishes in the Big Pots section.
applesauce- 1/4 cup per person (#10 can has 50 1/4 cup servings)

toss salad- see plan for 100, do 1 1/2- people don't eat as much with this menu

rolls- 12 pounds per 100
butter-3 pounds per 100

tea, iced - 12 gallons, 1/3 unsweetened
coffee- dinner level coffee, 1 3/4 time the amount for 100, see the beverage planning page
lemonade- about 15 gallons
ice 1/2 pound per person
pop- skip, not needed with the other beverages, and expensive

These items depend on the type of drinkers you have, and the length of time of the party. Check the beverage planning page, and if you can't figure it, send me more information.

anniversary cake- 3 full sheet cakes or 1 1/2 2 layer sheet cakes.

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