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60th wedding anniversary party
I am having a party 7-10pm 50 people. I am serving loaded potato puffs, meatballs, chicken salad, ham biscuits, veg tray, fruit tray and assorted cheese, also corn dip, spinach dip, shrimp cocktail on shooter glasses and deviled egg.

How much shrimp do I need and if you feel like telling me amounts for the others that would be good too.

What a pleasant party, and what a lovely thing to be celebrating. Some and perhaps many of your guests will not have eaten dinner, so food needs are a little heavier. Here is what I would do:

loaded potato puffs, 3 per person
meatballs,1 pound per 6

chicken salad, 3 quarts
mini croissant or equivalent per person

ham biscuits, 1 per person

veg tray, see veg tray page, but consider one classic relish tray instead- at the top of that page

fruit tray- 1/2 the deluxe tray for 100, see the fruit tray page

assorted cheese, 1 pound per 12
corn dip, spinach dip, 1/4 cup each per person
Crackers, chips and/or bread- about 3 ounces total for the cheese and dips

shrimp cocktail on shooter glasses 1 per person plus some extra

deviled eggs, 2 whole eggs per 3 people

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