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Wedding for 160 in August
Hi Ellen planning a cold buffet for my daughters wedding in August. We are having ham and turkey. Planning on buying spiral ham and whole turkey breasts. How many pounds of each should I buy?? We are also serving Potato Salad,macaroni salad,ceaser salad,bean salad and greek salad. How much of each of these salads will I need??? Your help is greatly appreciated thanks again!!
Y0ou want 5 ounces ready to eat turkey and 3 ounces ready to eat ham per person. 2 pounds raw boneless breast per 5; 1 pound boneless ham per 4.

Potato Salad, macaroni salad, caeser salad, bean salad and greek salad. All these have recipes on the site. Do potato for 1 1/3 times the amount for 100, pasta with 8 pounds dry pasta, Greek for 1 1/3 times the amount for 100, and Caesar for 1 1/3 times the amount for 100. Bean salad is different, do 3 1/2 gallons.

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