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Wedding Reception for 100
I am planning a wedding reception for 100 people. The wedding is at 2 p.m.
The appetizers I have selected are:
Mini Chicken Salad Tarts
Pigs in Blankets (Bride and Groom reguest)
Tortilla Roll-ups
Spinach Cheese Pinwheels
Cocktail size ham sandwiches
Vegetables and Dip
Fruit and Dip
Cheese ball and crackers
Mexican wedding cookies

Is 8 pieces per person enough? Do I need to have 100 pieces of each appetizer?
Thank you for your help.

Nice menu, perfect timing for an appetizer only reception. I assume there will be cake, if not you need to add a couple more sweets.

This is what I would do:

Mini Chicken Salad Tarts- 2 per person
Pigs in Blankets (Bride and Groom request)2 per person, plus some extras if they are very small (sizes do vary)
Tortilla Roll-ups-2 per person
Spinach Cheese Pinwheels- 1 per person
Meatballs- 1 pound per each 506
Cocktail size ham sandwiches- 4 per 3 people pl
Vegetables and Dip 1 pound ready to eat per 8, 1 cup dip per 8
Fruit and Dip- use fruit tray page, do 3x75 or scanty deluxe tray for 100
Cheese ball and crackers- 10 pounds cheeses, 8 pounds crackers
Mexican wedding cookies-1 piund per 10

If you do a cookie assortment and no cake, see the dessert planning page.

If this saves you time, trouble or money, consider a donation, maybe a dime per person, to support the site.

Thank you so much for your help. There will be wedding cake so I will go with just one type of cookie.
I am making a donation as you have been very helpful on numerous occasions.
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