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Dinner for 80
I am cooking for 80 people at a church function. the menu is boneless turkey breast with gravy. Chicken Fricassee, baked ziti, meatballs with sauce and rice. How much of everything do I need? Thanks, Tish
Tish, this is a tough menu- too many entrees for this many people, so you either have to risk run out of some before everyone gets their first choice, or have quite a bit of leftovers. And not a great "fit"- you could do a Swedish style meatball and just do rice, but with the baked ziti, you will do a red sauce, not so compatible.

So can you consider tweaking the menu?

If not, here is about what I would do:

All of these:
boneless turkey breast with gravy- 1 pound raw per 4, 1 cup gravy per 4
Chicken Fricassee, 1 piece per person
meatballs with sauce, 1 pound meatballs per 5

baked ziti, 5 pounds dry pasta
rice, 4 pounds dry

Of course, you need veggies, fruit, desserts, bread, beverages also.

Do consider tweaking the menu- you can always write back-

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