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Recpetion for 300
I have will be catering a wedding reception for 300 poeple. The wedding is in Sept at 5:00. They only want dinner and someone else is doing the cake. There will not be appetizers/dessert. Are these quantities correct?

Chicken - 135 lbs (boneless)
Beef roast - 150 lbs (boneless)

green beans or corn - 9 gallons
red skin potatoes - 115 lbs

lettuce - 36+ lbs of salad mix
salad dressing - 3 gallons
cherry tomoatoes - 12 lbs
shredded cheese - 9 lbs
bacon bits - 6 lbs
croutons - 12 lbs

bread - 25-28 dozen
butter - 12 lbs

tea/lemonade - 24 gallons
water - 12 gallons

Do you have any good recipes for cooking any of these items in advance?

This is a large amount of meat even for 300. Beef is OK for 130 pounds, chicken for 100. Either of the wedding chicken recipes can be made ahead and frozen.

The rest looks OK, but this is a very plain meal for a wedding dinner. Talk to the folks about adding a fruit garnish such as spiced peaches or apple rings, and doing both vegetables, fancying up the green beans and maybe doing fiesta corn.

I would increase the rolls to 1 1/2 per person.

Unless you are also doing dinner level coffee, you need at least 30 gallons of tea/lemonade.

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