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Wedding for 180 people
Melissa Camp
I am helping a friend with her son's wedding. I will be making 2 types of Quiche (26 total), Baked german sausage & roasted potatoes. I have access to our church kitchen which has a large double oven stove/griddle. The food will be transported a short distance (3 miles) to the reception. I have roasters to keep the potatoes & sausage in after baking & warmed ice chests with shelves to stack quiches in. Since I can't bake everything at once what should the order I cook in?
First, it is perfectly acceptable to serve quiche at room temp, so my suggestion is, bake and refrigerate, then set out when setting up. Make sure some quiches are meatless, and label them, so the vegetarians and non-pork eaters have an entree choice.

Second, for 180 people you need to set up 3 serving lines or 2 double sided serving lines. Rent chafing dishes or use disposable chafing dishes for the hot food. These must have the steam pan under the food pan to be safe and effective.

Third, roasters only hold about 50 servings and you can only run one per twenty amp circuit, which often means one, or at most 2, per room. You need to plan to keep the food hot in the ovens and transfer to chafers as needed. Chafers hold about 25 servings per pan.

You have some logistical challenges here, good luck. Plan carefully.

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Yay! I knew I could count on you for a mini quiche reicpe! I have been trying to find some store bought ones with no luck (blasphemy, I know!) so I thought "Teresa will have a reicpe, I know it!" and you do! So, I have a million questions if you'll indulge me:) how many does this reicpe make? My mini muffin pan has room for 24...would that make them insanely small? Should I use a regular sized 12 muffin pan? How big are the pastry circles you cut out? How hot is the oven, 350ish? Sorry I'm super annoying lol!
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