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rehearsel dinner for 50
jessica hartwell
i am cooking the rehearsel dinner for my brother wedding for 50 making penne pasta with sauce and meatballs,sweet n sour chicken,salad n much do i need of each.with not just one food item i know i dont need to make both chicken n pasta for 50 but i want to have enough for everybody.your advice would be very much appreicated!!!
This is an unusual combo of foods as it does not provide any rice or neutral pasta for the chicken. You might want to tweak it by putting the meatballs and sauce separately from plain linguine, which could be used as a base for both the meatballs and the sweet and sour, or by doing a chicken with creamy or tomato sauce that would go better with the pasta.

In any case:

1 pound meatballs per 4= 12-14 pounds
plus 1 pound boneless chicken per 4= 12-14 pounds (22 pounds whole or bone-in)
5-6 pounds dry pasta
5-6 pounds bread
salad, see the plan for 100 list, do 1/2

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