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Roasting Pans for Pasta
Melissa H
I am preparing Spaghetti and Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo for my daughter's graduation party. I will cook at home on my stove top, transfer the pasta dishes complete with sauce to electric roasters and transport them to the venue. I intend to cook the pasta al dente and coat the roaster pans with non stick spray. Do you have any tips or suggestions? I don't want to cook all of this and have it get mushy or inedible! Thank you in advance!
See the discussion on large lasagna in an electric roaster on the spaghetti page. Remember that you want to have only 4 hours or less neither hot nor cold, including the transport and serving time.

It would be helpful if the roasters go ahead of you and are preheated so you can pop the casseroles into heat as soon as they get to the serving area.

However, you don't say how many people. Be aware that one roaster serves about 50, uses one circuit and most have no more than two- many have only one.

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