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Graduation party for 120 people
I'm having a graduation party for 120 people, which 10 are under 12 & 10 are teenagers. We're getting most of the food from a caterer where we can get any amount of any food we want.The party is from 4 to 11 but we're serving the food from 5 to 7. We would like your advice before talking to the caterer.We
thought we would order the following:Ham for 60 people, boneless chicken-70 people, Rigatoni-95 people, Potato salad-75 people, Red skin potatoes-80 people,Pasta salad-60 people, Rolls-100.We're making meatball sandwiches for 25 people, tossed salad for 75 people. Also having cake, cookies, mini cheesecakes, eclairs, fruit salad, pretzels & potato chips. Do you think this is enough food?
The teens and young kids will balance each other, so just count this as 1 1/4 times the amounts for 100.

Since I estimate meats by weight, I will give you what I would do by weights and you can use this with your caterer.

Ham for 60 people, I would do 24 pounds
boneless chicken-70 people, I would do 30 pounds

I would add some sandwich condiments as some folks will make sandwiches with the rolls- see the quantities on the sandwich page.

Rigatoni-95 people,
Red skin potatoes-80 people, This is a fairly tough estimate, you will have some left, but not obvious which to cut back- so, OK

Potato salad-75 people, I would do at least 3 gallons
Pasta salad-60 people, I would do 2 gallons

Rolls-100, bread is cheap, add a few dozen more, 4 pounds butter.

meatball sandwiches for 25 people, do 4 inch rather than 6 and make about 35-40 pieces. Will run out
tossed salad for 75 people- see the plan for 100 page, do for 100

fruit salad, s are more usable- see fruit tray page- consider fruit trays or watermelon boat instead, hold better, look nicer, and the leftovers are more usable, do for 100

pretzels & potato chips, about 1 pound chips per 10, 6 pounds pretzels total. Dips- 1 cup per 4-5

cake, cookies, mini cheesecakes, eclairs, no info on size here. Full sheet cake or two layer half sheet serves 50.

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