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Cook Talk

Grad party for 100
Planning to serve smoked pork shoulder and brisket. Serving from 1PM-5Pm. Some are big eaters esp. smoked meats. Teenagers as well.

Planning pasta salad with broccoli,caulif,peppers and pepperoni in it. Plus an Oriental cole slaw,
veggie platter and fruit platter. Serving meat on hamburger buns for sandwiches.

Getting the platters already made up. How much of everything should I buy?

pork, 1 pound raw boneless per 4 persons
brisket 1 pound raw per 2 (it shrinks a lot, is very popular)
rolls- 2 per person
sandwich condiments, see the sandwich page for amounts

pasta salad with broccoli,caulif,peppers and pepperoni, 4 gallons
Oriental cole slaw, 3 gallons

veggie platter, 16 pounds veggies, 5 quarts thick dips

fruit platter, very popular, 20-24 pounds ready to eat

I would add a big assortment of dips and chips; 1 pound chips per 10-12, 1/4 cup dip for 2 or more types, salsa and something creamy

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