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Cook Talk

Feeding 250 people
Annie Dudley
I am hosting a potluck style meal for upwards of 250 with me providing the main dish. I am currently planning on 4 of the 10x20x2 inch pans of meat lasagna, 4 of them with baked ziti (veggie) and 200 pieces of deli chicken and supplement those with spaghetti. I am having the other parents bring salads and dessert. I'm also asking for parents to bring garlic bread, I was planning on 40 loaves as 90 of the people are track athletes who put away the food. I am wondering if I'll have enough of the main dish items. How many do those pans typically feed?
No, with that assortment of appetites, this much food will serve at most 200- and I would count it as 180, myself. The bread is about right. Encourage fruits, veggies, salads. Do consider an increase.
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