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100 people wedding buffet
We are having about 100 guest at our wedding and I am worried about the food situation. We are on an extremely tight budget. I have planned on pulled pork and BBQ chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, bread. How much meat should I get of each? Is it cheaper if we supply the salad? A lot of children will be there, so I'm getting a fruit tray if we can afford it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fees this many on a budget?
You are right to be concerned.

pulled pork
BBQ chicken,
Consider doing chicken only, 1 leg quarter per person is enough with many children in the count, cut some into pieces for the kids.

green beans, 5 #10 cans or 25 pounds frozen

mashed potatoes, a baked rice pilaf is cheaper and easier, see amounts on the plan for 100 page

You need to add a dish that non-meat eaters can use as an entree, a good inexpensive choice would be a meatless bean dish, baked beans, pintos, etc.

bread, 12 pounds, 3 pounds butter

You can make a great fruit tray for much less than the pre-made ones- see the fruit tray page.

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