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Bridal shower for 50
My menu is finger sandwiches ham salad, chick salad , and a cheese spread , tossed salad , pasta salad,vegie platter with dill dip, fruit platter,relish tray a tray with date nut bread banana bread and orange date bread with cream cheese and tortilla chips with guac salsa so now to the big question how much bread do I get I am planning on rolled spiral , and triangle open faced and fingers
You want about 100 sandwiches or equivalent for the 50- about 1/2 chicken, 1/4 ham, 1/4 cheese; cut into 3-4 pieces. Any combo of flat and rolled.

tossed salad,
pasta salad,

veggie platter with dill dip, combine it with the relish tray- do the classic relish tray for 60 on the veggie tray page, you will have plenty.

fruit platter, 1/2 the deluxe tray for 100.

date nut bread, banana bread, and orange date bread 6-7 loaves with cream cheese, 3- 3w 1/2 pounds

tortilla chips- 3-4 pounds
guac salsa- 3 quarts

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