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ratio of chicken salad to tuna salad
Hi! I am catering a baby shower with 60 guests this weekend. They have asked for chicken and tuna salad on croissants. How many of each should I make? My thinking is that more women will want the chicken salad. Do you think 20 servings of the tuna salad would be adequate? Also, they don't want the sandwiches pre made. I think this will make the wait in the buffet line take too long. Other menu items are a pasta salad with meat, veggie and cheese trays, and a fruit bowl. Cupcakes and other dessert provided by someone else. Thank you in advance for your input!
Yes 60 people is too many for one line if they are making their sandwiches. The simple solution is to pre-scoop the salads into servings. I use the clear 8-9 ounce cups, line with a lettuce leaf, add a 1/3 or 1/2 cup scoop of salad (mini croissants, use the smaller one).

I would make 50 chicken and 20 tuna. I would also make 10 egg salad, as there is no other choice for people who don't eat meat...

Since this is a paid gig, consider a donation, maybe a dime per person too support the site.

Thank you for your help, Ellen! I have sent a donation.
Do you think I could prep the cups of chicken/tuna salad the night before? Or would the lettuce wilt?
The lettuce would indeed wilt. You could use kale, that would hold; or put the half cup loosely in, garnish with some fresh parsley and a couple of grape tomatoes or large grapes.
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