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Wedding Mediterranean Buffet Planning Help Needed
I will be married next month and have planned a Mediterranean wedding buffet. We will be serving lamb, chicken and falafel and our guests have pre-selected their main entree choice. The meats will be either be cooked on skewers (chicken) or served sliced (lamb)and will be served along with hummus, tzatziki, pitas, olives, and sliced tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and feta.

My problem is the salads, or more specifically, how much (in the way of ingredients) to buy to prepare the salads to feed between 50 - 60 people. I should also note that we are planning a cocktail hour before dinner and will have a "make your own crostini" set up with various cheeses, breads, roasted nuts, and condiments (chutneys, jams, roasted peppers, etc) as well as skewers with mini-mozarella/cherry tomatoes/basil and ham/blue cheese/apple.

For salads, I am planning on three types:
a couscous tabbouleh, a mixed greens salad with watermelon, mint and feta, and a corn/basmati rice salad, all of which can be served cold or at room temperature and prepared (at least partially) in advance of my wedding day.

My question: If I am making three salads, how much should I allow per person and how does that relate to the serving sizes claimed by the recipes, e.g. the greens/watermelon salad calls for 6 cups of mixed greens/2cups watermelon and purports to represent four servings; the couscous salad uses 1 1/2 cups dried couscous and purports to be 8 to 10 servings.



This is a nice menu.

a couscous tabbouleh, 1/2 cup per person
a mixed greens salad with watermelon, mint and feta, this small recipe would serve 6, not 4, as a side dish
a corn/basmati rice salad, 1/2 cup per person

If you are working from a small recipe, make one recipe and measure it, then multiply as needed. Cut the salt in half after the first 2 multiplications.

The blue cheese may give you trouble on the skewers. You might consider Swiss or Jack with a blue cheese dipping sauce.

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Thanks, Ellen!
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