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wedding for 165 guests
I am going to make 70 lbs of pulled pork, 50 lbs of potatoe salad, 14 lbs of pasta salad 14 lbs for tossed salad, 8 gallong for sauce, 165 pieces of chicken I will also have 4 fruit trays and several relish trays, rolls & butter. Does this seem to be enough food

Thank you

70 lbs of pulled pork, plenty if cooked weight, OK but not too much left if raw weight
165 pieces of chicken, plenty
8 gallons for sauce, 6 plenty

50 lbs of potato salad, I would do 8 gallons, which is closer to 60
14 lbs of pasta salad, 20

14 lbs for tossed salad, short- check the plan for 100 table, do 1 2/3 the amount for 100

4 fruit trays, size? See the fruit tray page- you want at least 32 pounds fruit
several relish trays, good- 2-3 classic relish trays on the veggie tray page

rolls & butter- 20 plus pounds breads, 4-5 pounds butter

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