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baptism for 100
I am having a backyard baptism for my son, for about 100 guests. I am not sure how much food to make. This is my menu:
boneless chicken thighs
penne ala vodka
sausage and peppers
rice pilaf
mini meatballs
grilled vegetable sandwich( catered 12ft)
For app. I will have shrimp cocktail, hummas and chips, three bean salad and veg. platter
Help! I have no clue how much to make
This is a nice, diverse menu. Here are the amounts I would do.

boneless chicken thighs-1 per person
sausage and peppers-1 pound sausage per 5, equal weight veggies
mini meatballs- 1 pound per 5 plus sauce

grilled vegetable sandwich(catered 12ft)- this is 30-35 servings approximately

penne ala vodka- about 7 pounds dry pasta
rice pilaf- about 4 pounds dry rice

shrimp cocktail- people are very greedy about this, and it is better to skip it than to run out. To serve, you need at least 1 pound shrimp per 6 and 1 cup sauce per 6

hummus and chips- 1/4 cup hummus per person, 1 pound chips per 12

three bean salad- about 3 gallons

veg. platter- consider a fruit tray instead, especially if their are many children expected. see either veggie tray page or the fruit tray page for amounts for 100

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