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Reception for 270 - How much meat?
Ellen, I love your site and have used it a lot as a reference for cooking for a large crowd. Thanks for all your help.

I am cooking for a wedding reception for 270 people. The menu is smoked brisket, grilled chicken, garlic whipped potatoes, green beans, green salad & rolls.

I think from what I've read I need 120lbs. of brisket but how much chicken since it's a second meat? It will be boneless breasts. I'm thinking I could cut the chicken into smaller pieces so that if they do take both meats, they really wouldn't need a full size breast. My experience has been that more people want brisket, too.

It will be a buffet.

Thanks so much!

If you cook just 120 pounds of brisket, you MUST have someone serve it- otherwise you will run out. And with 270 people, you need at least 4 serving lines, or 2 double lines- if you do double lines, the server and brisket need to go at the end.

You want 1 pound raw boneless chicken per 4 people, and yes, these are in about 3 ounce pieces.

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I am planning on having 4 serving lines. Good suggestion about having the server with the brisket at the end of the line. Is that about 8 ozs of brisket per person?
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