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wedding for 125
hi im cooking for my daughters july wedding for 125 people.were serving
pig roast 125lbs
fried chicken 300 pieces
whole canned potatoes 45lbs
baked beans 42lbs
canned corn 24lbs
dinner rolls 15 dozen
garden salad 15lbs
20 cases of water
20 cases of pop
were also having chocolate fountain,candy bar,cookies and fruit.will the the main dinner foods be enough.thank you
Posted twice. See the other one- and do consider some "Field Roast" vegetarian sausages, grilled tofu kabobs, or some such for the 6 or 8 people who don't eat meat.
I am planning food for my son's wedding. There will be about 125 people there. We are planning a pig roast with mashed potatoes, fresh corn, baked beans, and sauerkraut. I am also offering gravy for those that don't like sauerkraut. There are a some big eaters in our family. I don't know how much sauerkraut, baked beans or corn to buy. Please help. This is a BYOB event so the alcohol should be minimal. Thanks!
OK, 125 people, big eaters

sauerkraut, 2 1/2 gallons- may be some left
baked beans, 4 1/2 gallons (#10 can holds 3 quarts)
corn, 1.2 cobs per person, regular size, 1.5 cobettes

Please do provide a side dish that can serve as a main course for anyone who doesn't eat pork, mac and cheese for example, or don't put meat in the beans. Or you can get "field roast" vegetarian sausages, a tasty brand, do about 12- 20- mark vegetarian or everyone will try some...

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