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Afternoon wedding reception
Planning afternoon (1-3pm) open house wedding reception for my son on May 4th about 100 people....wants finger sandwiches, cucumber, ham and cheese, roast beef and cheese, chicken salad. Also will have fruit tray, veggie tray, cheese tray, mini quiches, caprese kabobs, spinach filled phyllo cups, cream cheese, roasted red pepper, basil phyllo cups. I have never seen finger sandwich recipes for ham and cheese or roast beef and cheese. Would it be odd to have those in wraps or roll ups? Chicken salad will be served with croissants. Also having cake, do we have other small desserts? When planning fruit, cheese and veggie tray, do I use the amount for 100 or do I cut it down with the amount of everything else we will be serving? How much should I plan on for other desserts if we should have them?

This website is awesome. Wonderful ideas and facts!

Hi, Mary,

This is a nice tea party type reception, but because the service is around noon, most people will not have eaten lunch before coming, so you need more food than at mid afternoon. If not too late, consider scheduling the service for 1 PM?

Ham and cheese or roast beef and cheese, very thinly sliced on thin bread are perfectly usual for tea party food, roll ups or wraps are equally OK.

cake, remember that wedding cake pieces are estimated tiny. Add a grooms cake for chocolate, or 3-4 little bars per person- these can be made ahead and frozen- lemon,chocolate brownie, 7 layer/choc chip, raspberry would be a nice selection, or possibly mini eclairs or cheesecake bites.

fruit 1 pound edible weight per 8,
cheese might skip or do cheese balls/spreads veggie tray, consider a classic relish tray, see the veggie tray page, you would do just 1

For these 4, 4 each per 3 persons, might have some left
mini quiches,
caprese kabobs,
spinach filled phyllo cups,
cream cheese, red pepper, basil phyllo cups

cucumber, slice the cukes exquisitely thin the day before, pres and drain thoroughly, or they will soak the bread. Cut 3 pieces per sandwich, make just 1 piece per person
ham and cheese, 1 ounce ham and thinnest slice cheese, bit of mustard, 1/2 sandwich per person
roast beef and cheese, 1 ounce beef and thinnest slice cheese, bit of horseradish mayo, 1/2 per person
chicken salad, use mini croissants, 1 per person, you will probably have some left

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