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350 guests for HS Graduation Party

We are planning our first born's graduation party and estimate about 300-350 guests mostly teens and adults with probably 40 or less littler kids.

I'm planning on shredded chicken breast in gravy and shredded bbq pork on mini kaiser rolls. The party will be from 1-5 and I do NOT want to run out of food. Will the amount of meat I need be different than your charts because I will be serving the mini kaisers?

Also, I plan to serve sheet cake and bars. What are the amounts you suggest on this. It seems as though friends of ours have often said they end up with so much leftover cake. I assume this is because it doesn't get cut at the start of the party? How do you figure beverages for a group that size?

Thank you so much for all the advice. My head is swimming...

Time of day? length of party? Other parties same day that the guests will be attending? More info please.

This much food requires more than a home kitchen. where will it be prepared and served?

The party will be on Saturday afternoon from 1-5. I plan to prepare all meat ahead of time using nescos and then freezing it several weeks before party. The party will be at a park pavilion directly across from our house served out of nescos and chafing dishes
OK, you need to check with the park to see how many circuits run to the pavilion and which plugs are on which circuits. You can only run 1 Nesco per circuit. Two or more WILL blow the circuit when they both cycle on at the same time.

You could keep the meat hot in the oven at home and transfer as needed to fill the pots. You need at least 2 similar serving areas, 3 would be even better.

This is what I would do for the food.

shredded chicken breast in gravy and shredded bbq pork on mini kaiser rolls.
One pork and one chicken per person PLUS 1 extra pork for every teen male. You need 1 ounce cooked meat, which is about 1 3/4 ounces raw meat, per bun- between 10 to 12 sandwiches per pound of raw boneless meat.

Condiments are discussed on the plan for 100 page. About 1 cup extra BBQ sauce per 8 people. A couple gallons of pickles.

You need some sides. Potato and/or pasta salad, slaw and beans of some kind would be traditional.

cake- A 2 layer sheet cake serves 100 to 120, you are fine with 4 layers total with the cookies and bars.
cookies & bars- brownies, one per person, plus 2 other cookies or bars, not too large.

beverages- one or 2 separate serving areas. Amounts and types per 100, amount sugar free, etc discussed on the beverage planning page. Consider dinner level coffee, same page if you expect parents.

Don't forget the ice, discussed on the beverage page.

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