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Wedding 125 people
hi I am hosting a wedding for family and I have the following menu and am lost at how much of each

It is Buffett style

1/2 beat orange salad
1/2 Greek tomato cucumber salad
Scalloped potatoes
1/2 white wine chicken
1/2 baby back ribs

Before the dinner I am serving
A meat and fruit tray
Zucchini boats
Crostini with goat cheese
And sausage bites

It's an evening dinner

Can you help me please!! Thank you

Joan, when you serve 2 choices of something (salad, meats) on a buffet, people often take some of each and thus eat more. You also can't divide by 1/2; you have to divide by preference or usual eating choices. And the total ends up MORE than 1 serving per person because of the choice issue above.

1/2 beet orange salad- do 50 servings
1/2 Greek tomato cucumber salad- do 90 servings

Scalloped potatoes-60 pounds potatoes
Asparagus- 30 pounds ready to serve, which is about 40-42 pounds as purchased

1/2 white wine chicken- 1 piece chicken per person for everyone
1/2 baby back ribs- 2 ribs per person for everyone

A meat tray- 1 pound per 10
fruit tray- see fruit tray page- do deluxe tray for 100, add some strawberries or melons.
Zucchini boats-1.5 per person
Crostini with goat cheese-1.5 per person
And sausage bites- 1 pound per 6

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