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Cook Talk

Wedding Reception
Wedding is at 2:00 and there will be approx. 300 guests. On a budget and doing everything ourselves with the help of family. Trying to keep it simple. Will be serving cake of course. How much do I need to plan on purchasing of the following items?
Raw Vegetable Trays
Baby Carrots
Yellow Squash
Snow Peas
Grape Cherry Tomatoes
Dip 2 Kinds of Dips Not sure what kind yet.
Fruit will be in balls put in large bowls
4 Kinds of Crackers
Pimento cheese spread (Homemade)
Chicken Salad from Sam's
Sweet and Sour Meat Balls
Barbecue Elkridge Turkey Sausage
Mints and Hersey Kisses
Party punch- non alcoholic
For the veggie tray, see the sample veggie tray for 25-30- for mid-afternoon, fine for 30, you would do 10.

For the fruit, I suggest you go with fruit trays, not the balls, unless you are getting them frozen. I would do 3 of the deluxe trays for 100 from the fruit tray page.

4 Kinds of Crackers- 6 pounds per 100
Pimento cheese spread (Homemade)- do a variety of spreads and balls, most can be made ahead and frozen- 12 pounds per 100
Chicken Salad from Sam's- 3 gallons per 100
Add 20 pounds of one ounce rolls, a couple of quarts of squeeze mayo bottles
Sweet and Sour Meat Balls- 1 pound per 6
Barbecue Elkridge Turkey Sausage- 1 pound per 6

Mints- 6 pounds per 100
Hersey Kisses- 6 pounds per 100
NUTS- 6 pounds per 100

Party punch- non alcoholic- about 30 gallons- have a sugar free option- about 6 gallons, at least- maybe unsweet tea.
Add dinner level coffee for 300 from the beverage planning page

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