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Wedding for 120 people
I am catering my first wedding dinner gig of 120 people..
Here is my menu..
I have sum good guesstimations, yet I would love your help to solidify my resolve..
*Chicken only for 1/4th or 30-40 of the people cause fresh salmon is being smoked for the entire gig..
-SO.. How many lbs of chicken for 30-40, cooked via grill.
*Wild Rice- lbs?
*Black Beans- 1bs?
*Frittatas- How many?
*Grilled Asparagus- lbs?
*Grilled Potato- lbs?
*Grilled Beet- lbs?
*Roasted Garlic- heads or lbs?
*Mixed Salad greens- lbs?
*500 cups of coffee- how many lbs?
*Cream & Sugah? Amount & lbs?
*Cold Tea- gallons?

Thank you for your suggestions..

Wild, are you grilling the salmon? Are you grilling the chicken, or just supplying?

Is the wild rice straight or blended with white?

What kind of frittata, and what are they for (appetizer? third entree? vegetarian?)

What will the garlic be spread on? Bread? Rolls? Potatoes?

Is there a separate appetizer table (there should be, especially with grilling, as nothing finishes just when expected)

This is way more coffee than I would make for this size group, see the beverage planning page and do dinner level coffee. Has cream sugar, decaf, etc outlined.

Cold tea about 8-10 gallons per 100, depends on alcohol, venue, etc; 1/3 unsweetened.

More info please.

I am not dealing with the Salmon and do not need feedback.
I am grilling the chicken.
The coffee amount I gave you is due to it being a 4 day wedding retreat.
I am simply interested in the amounts. This is all one meal, a dinner.
Also. The frittatas are vegetarian, a way to get in more veggies. They will be gingered greens, caramelized onions, mushrooms and goat cheese..
Yum. Send me a frittata!

lbs of chicken for 30-40, cooked via grill. I always figure everyone may take a bit, so I make 1 pound boneless per 4, or 30 pounds total
*Wild Rice- lbs? Rice is about 8 pounds per 100, so 10
*Black Beans- 1bs? again, 10
*Frittatas- How many? Consider as part of an appetizer table, cut 10 pieces per pie, 12 pies
*Grilled Asparagus- lbs? this loses so much- purchse 36 pounds per 100 to allow for the loss. Medium size better than thin for grilling
*Grilled Potato- lbs? 25 with the rice
*Grilled Beet- lbs? 20 plenty
some grilled carrots would be VERY pretty with this- 18 pounds
*Roasted Garlic- heads or lbs? I make almost 4 pounds whole per 100
*Mixed Salad greens- lbs? use plan for 100 table
*Cold Tea- gallons? 12 gallons, at least 1/4 unsweetened

*500 cups of coffee- how many lbs?
*Cream & Sugah? Amount & lbs?

What I would do is use the breakfast and dinner estimates for however many days from the beverage planning page, add them up.

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