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Graduation open house--brunch
Dottie Fish
I'm having an open house from 10-1, of course food is an issue!
My menu:
Grad menu

Egg strata /hash browns egg casserole (need a good recipe that I can cook & keep warm in a big roaster)
English muffins
Bagels ( mini )
Cream cheese/butter
Frozen fruit pieces
Ham/turkey sandwich (Buns or croissants)
Wild rice sausage
Cereal bars
Coffee/water/pop/bloody Mary
Pasta salad
Potato salad
Cookies, brownis, cupcakes, Rice Krispies

Dottie, read through the brunch guide for 100 on site, then let me know what more you need:

It has strata and hash brown casserole recipes and lots of tips.

You also need to tell me about HOW MANY people.

Dottie Fish
Oops !

The fruit is sold in 6lb bags.
The croissants r the petite ones…SAMs club.
The sausage comes in 6 bratwurst type links, we got 10 packs that we r going to cut into fourths. So, 240 chunks.
He doesn't want cake so will go with bars & cookies.

How is my menu?
Thanks for any advice!

Dottie Fish
Not sure of head count.
We have 87 confirmed so far and haven't sent out invites yet, which we have 200. Those 87 r part of the 200.
I believe we r the earliest on the open house circuit. 128512;
OK, I will work on this. If you send 200 invites you have to plan for about 175, and since you are first, that is pretty likely.
Dottie Fish
We are going to make and sample a few casseroles (egg) for taste and ease to make. If, for example, you needed to 5x it. Would you cook five 9x13 pans in the oven and then dump them in a roaster to keep warm. Or put it all in the roaster to cook?
I so appreciate all your advice!
The roaster has a removable cooking pan that holds 4-5 9x13 pans- I would cook it directly in the regular oven in the cooking pan, well sprayed, of course, and covered for most of the cooking time, lowering heat 25 degrees from the recipe (you don't want the edges burned before the middle is done) and checking temp in the middle before removing (165) then hold at 180 in the roaster.

Do try some of the festive brunch casseroles.

Dottie Fish
Sorry, me again!
I'm a bit confused on quantities.
When u say plan for 175, do u mean each item? For example, 175 bagels and English muffins. Salads, 175 total servings between the two or each one.
Hopefully I explained this correctly. Once again, thank u!
Egg strata /hash browns egg casserole (need a good recipe that I can cook & keep warm in a big roaster)
Wild rice sausage about 2 links per person

Cereal bars- ?? why?? skip
English muffins- 1 whole per person
Bagels ( mini )- 1 per person
Muffins- get small/mini, 2 per person
Cream cheese- 1 ounce per person
Add jam/jelly- 1 pound per 20
butter-3 pounds per 100

Frozen fruit pieces-1 pound per 5-6
Yogurt- if loose, 1 gallon per 30

Ham/turkey sandwich (Buns or croissants)- use minis 1 per person, 2/3 turkey, 1/3 ham
Chips/salsa- 1 cup salsa per 5, 1 pound chips per 15

Pasta salad 3 pounds dry pasta per 100
Potato salad 25 pounds potatoes per 100
Less than standard because only 1/2 the people will eat

Cookies, brownies, Rice Krispies bars, cut small, 1 of each per person
cupcakes, 1 per person if only one flavor

Coffee/ use breakfast level coffee
water/ 1 bottle per person
pop/ calculate for 125 using beverage planning page
bloody Mary 1 cup per drinking adult

If this saves you time trouble or money, consider a donation, maybe a dime per person, to support the site.

Dottie Fish
Approximately how much cooking time should be added if we do the 5x the recipe in the roaster pan, but cook in the oven? Our sample was 9x13 for 55-60 mins.
Drop the temp 25 degrees, thoroughly preheat the roaster before transfer.

75-90 if just mixed, may take another half hour if it was held overnight in the fridge before cooking.

Check temp at center with quick read thermometer, hold in 180 roaster.

How many dozen eggs will we need for a graduation brunch for about 100 people?
Check the breakfast planning page for various egg needs- scrambled, frittata, etc.
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