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Wedding Dinner for 100 or so
I do not know how much to get for the wedding so I need some help. This is our first wedding and my son wants it to be special.(so do we) Any help will be helpful. Thank you.
Our Menu is:
glazed ham
potato chip chicken
cheesy potatoes
green beans with bacon and slivered almonds
broccoli/cauliflower salad (home made)
pickles and olives
Vegetable platter with dip
Water, Ice Tea unsweetened and lemonade
any other suggestions would be helpful
I know I might be leaving out something but I don't remember.
We are also having cake.

I figured they invited 150 guests and only 100 or so will attend.

If they invited 150, you need to count on 130; at least 1 1/4 times the amount for 100.

glazed ham- 1 pound per 5
potato chip chicken- 1 pound raw boneless per 3 (which is 2 pounds bony/whole per 4).

cheesy potatoes- see the recipe last on the family brunch page. Has help about amounts.

green beans with bacon and slivered almonds- see ellen's better green bean casserole, do 2 times the recipe plus a bit (or similar amounts for your own recipe). Put the bacon on the side, so any non- meat eaters can eat them.

broccoli/cauliflower salad (home made)- about 25 pounds

pickles and olives- about 5 quarts
Vegetable platter with dip- see the veggie tray page

You need rolls, about 12 pounds, butter 3 pounds

Ice Tea unsweetened 8 gallons
lemonade 8 gallons
Coffee use dinner level coffee from the beverage planning page

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