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Graduation Party for aprox 50 and frustrated
Planning a grad party between 4-7pm. At this point I'm undecided on even what to serve! People don't RSVP so I'm just estimating. I will be gone most of that day at the out of town graduation and won't have time to prepare so I was thinking of party trays of either spaghetti, salad and bread or deli trays. Any help and ideas will be appreciated. We thought of sub sandwiches but afraid people will take more than 1 and might run out? Thanks in advance for any help.
Assuming 50 people.

For the sub sandwich. you could get 2 6 footers delivered (serves 50-60 fine); 2 gallons potato salad, 1 3/4 gallons slaw, 2 gallons beans or pasta salad.

For spaghetti, half pan serves about 12- get 5. Buy the makings for the salad all pre-washed and put it together yourself, see the plan for 100 page and do 1/2 plus a bit.7 pounds bread, 2 pounds butter. Have great beverages and desserts- see the dessert buffet on the dessert planning page, or consider the ice cream buffet discussed on this side- it's fun.

With either, if you are worried about running out, you can add 50 pieces of fried chicken or chicken tenders.

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