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help planning a 90th bday
gina walker
Hi Ellen
Love your website very useful.... keep up the good work...
Ok I'm planning a bday for my grandmother turning 90yr. I will like to cook for 200-250 people, we have a big family both sides. I will like to make tri-tip any way... graden wings .... and peach cobbler...
need help please ...

thank you

Yikes! Happy event, BIG job.

That is a huge party, not one you can do by yourself, especially if you plan to grill.

Where are you going to be cooking, storing and serving this 350-400 pounds of food? How much help? Are you planning to have people bring things? What beverages?

Have you considered doing different parties on different days so grandmother can really enjoy them without getting overwhelmed? Maybe a tea party, a luncheon or brunch and a grill meal/

Write and tell me more.

We have some family member helping... but my family is doing tri-tip and hot wings... i will be using my work fridge to hold untill the party and will be cooking it there... It's a huge kitchen.... i work at a shelter for women... there trying to have a family renuion also.... My husband is use of cooking a lot by himself for our church dinner .... I so happy my family love to cook
gina w.
the beverage will be lemon aid, sweet tea and lots of water.. the party will be at my aunts house in the country.... question will rice pilaf be easy to make for that large amount of peole?
Baked rice pilaf is an excellent choice, and you might also consider the baked potato bar, which holds well. Maybe both.

tri-tip- I actually allow 1/2 pound per person, but you could do 2 pounds for 5
hot wings- at least 4 pieces per person- leg quarters would actually be less expensive

garden salad- use 2 or 2 1/2 times the amount for 100 on the plan for 100 page

Add pasta or potato salad
Add slaw
Amounts per the plan for 100 page
bread or rolls 12 pound per 100 plus 2-3 pounds butter per 100

peach cobbler, each 9x13 serves 12
ice cream 5 gallons per 100
consider the ice cream sundae bar

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