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Cook Talk

Graduation Party for 200
Thank you for helping us plan the special events in our lives. I know it sounds crazy but it is fun to do the food ourselves. I love to watch everyone enjoying their selves while eating the food made by us. thank you for your help.
There will be about 200 people, about 40 under 10, 80 teenagers and 80 adults. It's in the park, softball from 3 to 5 pm, dinner at 5:30 and dancing at 7.


Rich & Charles Salad:
6 bags Romaine Lettuce 2 lb each
4 bags Iceberg & Romaine 2 1/2 lb each
22 lb lettuce Total
Canned Artichoke
Purple Onion, sliced thin
Red Pimintoes
Parm Cheese
Rich & Charlies Ital. Dressing

Baked Ziti(will this fit in 3-2 in. steam pans)
8 lbs Ziti Pasta made w/4 lb italian sausage & 4 lb of ground beef with a red sauce

Baked Pasta con Broccoli(will this fit & bake in 2 roaster pans)
8 lbs Shell Pasta made w/8 lb broccoli. 8 lb of mushrooms with a white sauce

Purchased Deli Sandwiches
40 sandwiches (1 foot long serves 5 people)

Dessert: 2 Full Sheet Cakes

12 gallon fruit punch
& 200 bottled waters

Do you think the amounts are ok? Do you think we need to add anything else? Thank you for all your help.

This is a good menu, but not enough food. For example, a sheet cake only serves 50-60.

Salad- OK

Pastas, need at least 10 pounds each, each steam pan only holds about 25 servings.

If you do the regular sub sandwiches, you need 2 inches per person- a 6 footer serves about 30

Double the punch or add 10-12 gallons iced tea, at least 1/3 unsweetened.

Some kind of cold vegetable salad, or bean slad would be a very good addition, about 6 gallons.

Bread? 12-15 pounds if you also have the sandwiches 4-5 pounds butter.

If this saves you time, trouble, or money, please consider a donation, maybe a dime per person, to support this site.

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