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Cook Talk

I am making a baby shower for 40 people, men and women. I am making chicken salad, shrimp salad and a tossed salad as my main food. How many pounds of those salads do I need to make. I will have sides with that, potato salad and a noodle casserole. For anyone that doesn't want it over the greens I will have mini rolls for a sandwich.I will have chips and dip and vegetable platter and cheese and crackers out before lunch is served.
chips and dip, 1 pound chips per 12, 1 cup dip per 5
vegetable platter, do per the veggie tray page- you might like 2/3 of a classic relish tray
cheese, 1 pound per 10, a bit more is several kinds
crackers, 3 pounds

chicken salad, 6 quarts
shrimp salad, 6 quarts- add one more quart of each if it is self serve

tossed salad, see plan for 100, salads, 3B, do a little less than 1/2

potato salad, 1 1/2 gallon
noodle casserole, 4 pounds dry; 4 9x13 or 2 half pans

mini rolls, 2 per person, and 2 pounds butter

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