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Graduation Party
Having a graduation party for my daughter, expecting approximately 75 people, 25 of them teenagers, here's my menu, do you think I have too many main options? The party is at 3 on a Sunday, and the food will be ready when the guests arrive.

Nachos (chips and cheese sauce)
Spinach dip (3 lbs)
Veggie Pizza (2 batches)

Pizza (15 8 cuts cut into squares)
Boneless chicken tenders (100)
Subs cut into 1-2" sections (4 3 ft subs-each sub serves approx 10)
Gyros-50 pitas, 5lb tzatki, 12 lbs gyro meat

bbq beans

sheet cake
fruit salad

Thank you! Trying to decide if gyros would be a good option, this is my daughter's favorite food! Also, how would I keep the meat/pitas warm??

This is a perfectly fine menu. With the veggie pizza, and the additional entrees, you do not need the entree pizzas.

If your daughter is a gyro fan, consider having this Greek country salad instead of slaw:

Keep pita and gyro meat warm in chafing dishes.

Not sure if you want help on the other amounts?

bbq beans- 6 pounds dry beans, a little less that 3 gallons total
chips 1 pound per 10

sheet cake-1 sheet serves 50

fruit salad- suggest fruit trays instead- holds better, leftovers more useful, 3/4 the amount for 100 on the fruit tray page.

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