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grad party=half taco bar; half bbq
hi Ellen, am having a grad party for 100 or so guests and having a taco bar catered as well as other bbq type foods. how much should i prepare for tacos and if i am also having coleslaw, potato salad, mac. salad, fruit tray, pulled pork, ziti and alfredo, fried chicken?? my daughter requested the "variety".
should I do more or other foods to balance??
This is a tough estimate. That means, in order to give everyone their preferred choice you will end up with some leftovers.

I would put the pulled pork up as part of the taco bar, offering both rolls and taco shells and tortillas as the initial breads

pulled pork, about 16 pounds boneless meat plus sauce
fried chicken, 1 piece per person
tacos- toppings for 75, see taco bar page
rolls- about 5
taco shells, tortillas- for 75

coleslaw, 2 1/2 gallons
potato salad, 3 gallons
mac. salad, with the pastas, maybe skip? if done, about 4 pounds dry pasta

ziti and alfredo, Total 8 pounds, you decide on division, but it will be about 5/3 red to other

fruit tray, see fruit tray page, do for 100

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