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cooking the meet for Daughter wedding
Kurt White
My Daughter wants me to cook for her Wedding. I told her I would do the meat and beans.

I love to cook but this is a litle bigger crowd that i am used to. I'm Making pull pork and Smoking Turkeys for about 100 to 120 people.

Does 40# of pork Shoulder and loin and Four 12# to 15# turkeys sound about right

and for the Beans I am going to doctor up some vancamp beans to make it easier.. how much beans do you think?

any advise you can share will be Greatly welcome.
Helena, Montana

Hi, Kurt,

You assume 120 people.

I would probably do 5 turkeys, the rest sounds OK.

You need 5-6 #10 cans of beans. I would do at least 1/2 meatless, so any non-meat eaters (there will be some, can use then for a main dish. You might like this recipe:

Plain old church beans:

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