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High School graduation party
I am preparing all of the food for my sons graduation party. Could you tell me how much is needed for 150 people? Here is the menu and what I thought so far:

60 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breast
20 lbs burger
80 hot dogs
40 lbs of cheesy potatoes
20 lbs of baked beans
10 lbs of pasta salad
6 bags of 16oz chips
1 full sheet cake
6 cases of pop
5 cases of water
8 cases of beer
some koolaid for kids

Meat is plenty.

40 lbs of cheesy potatoes- please see the recipe at the bottom of the brunch page for help on quantities
20 lbs of baked beans- I would do 12 pounds dry or 6 #10 cans
10 lbs of pasta salad- light. I would start 9 pounds dry pasta plus trimmings
6 bags of 16oz chips- possibly light- usually get 1 pound per 10 when teens are involved, 1 pint dip per pound
1 full sheet cake- this is only 50-60 servings. For this large group, I would get a 2 layer sheet cake-
6 cases of pop- usually get 2 cans per soda drinker- see beverage planning page
5 cases of water- 1 bottle per person
How about 6 gallons of iced tea?
8 cases of beer- average beer drinker drinks 4- is this enough?
Stick to lemonade for the kids- they like it, less staining.
some koolaid for kids

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