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high school grad open house-taco bar
I am hosting a high school graduation open house for 200 invited guests. It will be from 6-9 on a Friday night. I was planning on a taco bar. Looking over your website, I have estimated the amounts I should have, and was wondering if you could verify and answer a few questions. Thanks.

300 small soft taco shells plus
150 bags of 1 oz. Fritos /Doritos
50 lbs beef
30 lbs chicken
28 lbs shredded cheese
12 heads of lettuce, shredded
75 tomatoes
20 onions
48 oz. black olives
128 oz sliced jalepenos
20 lbs sour cream
24 lbs tortilla chips
16 lbs uncooked rice for spanish rice
3 gallons refried beans
I am not sure on the amounts of salsa and taco sauce needed or how much guac to make? I am also having liquid cheese and don't know how much of that either? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

I usually do 2 #10 cans cheese per 100.

14 pounds each salsa and pico. (2 #10 cans each)

about 5 gallons guac... Got your avacados by the case at a produce wholesaler, or buy from a freezer source.

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