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Cupcakes and desserts
Hopefully you can help clear up some different opinions as to how much desserts should be made for a grad party. Main course: Taco bar, veggies, fruit. For dessert, cookies, bars, sundae bar and cupcakes. The difference of opinions is: Would 90 cupcakes be enough (in place of a traditional graduation cake) with the other desserts? One says we should have 200 cupcakes for the 150 estimated attendees. Another says 90--(Can purchase in batches of 30 from a baker). Your opinion on this would be greatly appreciated!
If you get one single flavor cupcake, get 1 per expected person. Two, you would want 90 of each. 1 each of several cookies and bars in small 2-3 bite size for each person. Ice cream buffet is covered in detail on this site.

Do make sure you have rice and beans as part of the taco bar.

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