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June wedding
MY wedding is June 29th, for 70 people my reception starts at 4pm. Appetizers at 4 meal at 5. So this is my menu I need help with amounts if you can.
Appetizers---Cheese and cracker pepperoni, kielbasa, horseradish, djion mustard. How much will I need? Veggie tray--- How much? fruit tray---How much?
Meal consist of wedding chicken, ham, mildly mix veg, rice pilaf, mash potatoes, gravy,spinach spring salad,rolls, butter,
the amounts, of each item would be greatly appreciated. Do you think this is to much, or not enough? Thank-you again
Very practical, nice size party! 70 people

Cheese- 5 pounds thin sliced or cubes
cracker - 4 pounds
1 pound combined per 10- you decide mix
horseradish, djion mustard. 2-3 cups each

Veggie tray- how about 1 classic relish tray from the veggie tray page, maybe add a pound of fresh veggies?

fruit tray see fruit tray page- amounts, consider 1/2 the deluxe fruit tray plus 1 of the simple tray for 25

Have a lemonade or punch with the appetizers? about 6 gallons.

wedding chicken, 1 pound raw boneless per 3
ham, 1 pound per 5

mildly mix veg, 16-18 pounds

rice pilaf, 4 pounds rice
mash potatoes, 20 pounds potatoes-
May have a bit left

gravy, 1/4 cup per person

spinach spring salad, 6-7 pounds spinach plus add ins

rolls, 9 pounds small
butter, 2-3 pounds

dinner coffee from the beverage page

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Thank-you for all the help
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