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Cheesecake Toppings
I have appreciated your site for years, and am really stuck and hope you can help me!
A friend's daughter wants cheesecake for her wedding reception for 250 people. For toppings she wants to offer fresh strawberries, cherry and apple pie filling, chocolate and caramel sauce and nuts. I'm thinking strawberries might be the most popular, and just can't figure out how much of each (I wish she'd offer fewer choices, but...).
Thank you SOOO much for any suggestions you have!
Good for you trying.

One thing to keep in mind, some of the guests will be grateful to have the choice of some fresh fruits as a dessert option.

Negotiate with the family, to make sure they understand that this many choices means leftovers.

fresh strawberries, 30 pounds
cherry filling, 7-8 quarts - frozen cherries cooked into a bit of sauce much better than pie filling
apple pie filling, 6 quarts- fried apples better than pie filling

chocolate sauce- 1 cup per 8. Works best in pour or squeeze bottles
caramel sauce- 1 cup per 12

nuts 6 pounds per 100, no peanuts; I would do sliced almonds and pecan pieces, about 1/2 and 1/2

Good luck.

Thank you SO much! I've searched your site a lot through the years, and asked a question a couple of times, and you are always so helpful and gracious! I finally sent you a small "donation" to express my appreciation.
Bless you!
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